Can Perfume Affect Your Weight?

Struggles with weight loss is an issue for just about everybody I know. We always hear about the latest diets, and constantly see new products on the shelves promising to make us thin. But did you know that the perfume you wear can also be used as an aide in your weight loss program? Many people find that certain scents make them crave food, while others help them curb their cravings. Read on to see which perfumes have helped some lose weight, and others that help them pack on the pounds.

Scent definitely plays a big part in the foods we crave. Certain scents can help you lose weight, while others can increase your appetite. Musky perfumes, and fragrances in the Spicy family tend to increase appetite and crave certain foods, especially carbs. Alternately, Citrus and Green perfumes have been known to decrease appetite and assist in weight loss. Vanilla scented perfumes have also been known in greatly curbing appetites.

Spicy and musky fragrances are warm and comforting. Spicy perfumes, especially, are made up of cinnamon, ginger, clove and pepper. Many of them smell like cinnamon buns and cake. Some popular Spicy perfumes are Estee Lauder Cinnabar and Chanel Coco. While they smell yummy, wearing them may make you want to go to the nearest bakery.

If you want to lose weight, wear perfumes that are in the Citrus or Green categories, or are vanilla scented. Citrus perfumes are invigorating, lively and energetic. The scent of lemon in particular has been used for centuries in aiding with depression and lack of energy. Spray on a citrus perfume, like CK One Summer or Clinique Happy, for example, before you go to the gym, and you’ll be revved up for hours. The fact that they smell so much like summer will remind you of your diet and how you wish you will look when summer comes.

Green perfumes can also help boost your energy and keep you active. Green perfumes, such as Chanel No. 19 or Escada Sport Country Weekend, make you think of doing something fun and active outdoors, like going for a hike or mountain climbing. Wearing these fragrances can help inspire you to eat healthier and be more active.

Vanilla perfumes, while it sounds like they may increase cravings, actually have been known to do the opposite. The scent of vanilla is often used as an anti-depressant and can help you feel happy and relaxed. Vanilla scented perfumes can help curb your cravings particularly for sweet foods. A study involving a vanilla aroma patch caused people wearing the patch to greatly reduce their intake of sweet foods.

Eternity Aqua Cologne by Calvin Klein for the Casual and Everyday

Calvin Klein rocks the male perfume fragrance world once again with this casual, everyday scent Eternity Aqua Cologne. If you are a traditionalist and have been a fan of Klein’s 20 year old original Eternity scent for years, take a step out of that aromatic comfort zone and give this new blend a try.

The hunky model Ben Hill is the face for Eternity Aqua Cologne for Men and is probably a draw for those women who buy for the men in their lives. Calvin Klein teamed up with beauty product powerhouse Coty to create this distinctive scent. Just looking at the light blue bottle of this fragrance brings forth sea breezes and mild summery days.

A New Face for Eternity

This entry to Calvin Klein’s perfume empire presents an everlasting, romantic and singular fragrance that is great for everyday wear. It is not heavy and balmy but rather bracing and refreshing with a clean scent that only an aquatic representation of the sea can provide.

Eternity Aqua Cologne for Men is by turns masculine and modern with a casual, stimulating bite in the background. This marine fragrance simply pops into the forefront, but not in an offensive, “in your face” kind of way. Rather, the fragrance captures your attention from the get-go and then lingers on pleasingly in memory.

Scentsational Components

The first impression of any men’s cologne should snag your attention quickly. The top notes of cool cucumber, snappy citrus, water lotus and fresh greenery set the tone for this lively scent. At the heart is a marriage of traditional lavender, woodsy white cedar, fruity Mirabelle plum and spicy Szechuan pepper for a little kick to the senses. The base notes wrap things up with masculine musk, warm sandalwood, piquant patchouli and South American guaiac wood which offer an aromatic hint of smoky rose.

Eternity Aqua Cologne for Men remains close to the skin which makes it a great relaxed, everyday scent. It’s perfect for the office or casual fun in the sun. If you want a fragrance to wear for the nightclub, date night scene, one of Calvin Klein’s other Eternity offerings might be better suited.

If you are hesitant to step out of your cologne comfort zone, consider purchasing this Calvin Klein male perfume online where you can find it at a much more affordable price than upscale department stores. After wearing it a few times, you (and the ladies) will be hooked.

Calvin Klein Perfume Is a Style Statement!

Forgetting personal hygiene can have drastic consequences as it is presentation that runs the show today But still it is sad to see that many people forget that problems like body odor are pretty easy to handle having simple solutions like using a deodorant or a perfume like Calvin Klein. The brand which originated decades back has got an extensive range of perfumes which are truly fantastic and refreshing to be worn! They truly change the overall appearance and presentation of people in a matter of seconds! Here are the top two offerings in the range of perfumes made by Calvin Klein.

CK Be (Unisex Fragrance):

Introduced in the year 1996, the perfume is perfect during the day at work or otherwise. The fragrance is basically a blend of flowery aromas laced with musk which makes it very enticing. The allure of freshness that it brings along has to be experienced to be truly felt. Both men and women can wear this perfume.

CK One Summer Edition (Unisex Fragrance):

You must have already got an idea that this perfume is meant to give you a fresh summery feel that is both refreshing as well as energizing. Anyone who has tried Calvin Klein One will tell you that it reminds one of a fresh summery feel of trees flowers and fresh fruits and water. This perfume is a especially blended to impart a citrusy and woody feel to the wearer. Also, the elements used on CK One are water fem, lemon and tangerine to make the fragrance even more radiant and light. Moreover, the bottle of this perfume is really fresh and it reflects the freshness quotient of the perfume. This perfume is usually sold as a limited edition so you better buy it the moment you spot it at any mall, fashion store or company outlet; lest you miss out on it!

Apart from the above two fragrances which are the most popular, Calvin Klein has a number of other offerings in the fragrance range and each one is more enchanting than the other! CK is one brand that is known to make something for each of its buyers and has many unique perfume offerings that are worn by celebrities and the masses alike! This is in fact Calvin Klein’s unique proposition which has enabled it to make a niche for itself over the years. Hence it comes as no surprise that each person using a Calvin Klein perfume has a truly beautiful and memorable story to tell!

Cheap Alternatives for Expensive Perfume

With the economy being in pretty bad shape these days, we all need to make adjustments in our purchases and lifestyle. Things that may once have been pretty may now be luxury items. But you don’t have to stop getting all your favorite creature comforts just because you have to downgrade. If you are a perfume junkie like me, you can still smell great without the extra cost. Below are some of the fragrance families, and some perfume brands that smell great and won’t make your wallet suffer.

Citrus: Citrus scents are usually marketed towards young people and therefore usually tend to run pretty inexpensive. There definitely are high end pricey citrus perfumes, but it is also easy to find good quality citrus perfumes that won’t cost a lot. CK OneSummer and Ralph Lauren Rocks are some popular perfumes in the citrus family and are both under $40 for a 3.4 ounce bottle. These are perfect summer perfumes, or if you’re planning a getaway to a tropical hot spot.

Floral: Floral perfumes are the most popular amongst women, perhaps because they are so elegant and feminine. Floral perfumes were one of the first to be made, and include some timeless classics and collector’s items. Celebrities love to come out with floral perfumes. Try Jennifer Lopez’s Sunkissed Glow or Siren by Paris Hilton if you want to get in touch with your feminine side. Both go for around $35.00 a bottle.

Oriental: If perfume could kill, this type of fragrance would be it. Oriental perfumes scream sensual, sexual and exotic. It definitely makes a big entrance, and can hypnotize a man at first whiff. Black Pearls by Elizabeth Taylor is only $11 for a 3.4 ounce bottle, and has been quite popular amongst women. If you can spend a little more, try Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.

Green: Fragrances in this family are filled with the smell of moss and woods and just make you want to go for a long hike in the forest or rock climbing. But you don’t have to pay a lot to bring out your natural side. Get something like Sung By Alfred Sung. At just 30.00 a bottle, you can still arouse your love of nature without breaking your wallet.

Fruity: If you love fruity perfumes, try Colors for Women by Benetton. The ingredients list is almost identical to many high end perfumes out there, and will definitely have people asking you what perfume you’re wearing. It’s modestly priced at just $14.00 for a 3.4 ounce bottle. If you can hack out a little more cash, try Very Sexy by Victoria’s Secret for $34.00.

Calvin Klein

The very foundation was founded by a very famous fashion designer Calvin Richard Klein. Calvin and Barry Schwartz, his very close friend and business manager established the company Calvin Klein in the year 1968 as a coat shop then, at York Hotel which is situated in New York.

He was awarded the Coty Award for three succeeding years. Its extensive retail sales were soaring upwards and were reaching over $600 million each year. The Calvin Klein clothes were selling at over 10,000 stores all over.

In spite of the great success in the beginning he did face a down fall and economic crisis during the year 1992. But it regained due to its newly launched line of underwear and perfumes. These perfumes were a life saver to this company; it is due to this perfume launch that cK regained its stature! Later after a few years Calvin Klein, Inc. was sold to the Corp Philips Van Heusen, though he remained on the advisory board as the creative head and later slowly and steadily withdrew from the company.

cK is known as one of the very important personalities in time. He has helped in molding the clothing industry and has also played a very significant part in the modern marketing. Later on he launched a very successful line of nine cK perfumes. The launch of the cK unisex perfume was very successful mainly because of the help of the very beautiful and glamorous model, Kate Moss!

They had a wide array of perfumes for both men and women. Later on they even launched their unisex perfumes that were accepted whole heartedly by all their patrons. In fact their unisex perfume “Eternity” was one of the top-selling perfumes among the cK perfume collection.

And cK does realize that when promoting to both of the sexes, it’s very important that the fragrance is top-notch; and it should have a fresh tinge, not very feminine nor very masculine, but a nice classic scent– and indeed fresh fragrance would work best.

These perfumes are very contemporary and can be worn at any occasion. Calvin Klein is known for always offering the best; and every time it launches a new fragrance it justifies this statement time and time again. Calvin Klein being such a well-known and appreciated brand it is not very difficult to find the perfect cK perfume you need. Though there are a few these type of perfumes that have to be ordered way in advance and there are few perfumes and colognes that are found online at discounted rates.

Calvin Klein perfume is one of the foremost names in the fashion industry. He was born in 1942 and he learnt to sew and outline at a very young age. His successful journey started at New York’s high school of art and design, then continued it at the fashion institute and finally graced it by launching his very own label. It started as a denim brand then later they ventured into underwear, perfumes and many other accessories.