All About Calvin Klein Perfumes

CK One- unisex fragrances, the first of its kind in the world, popular till date. It contains extracts of citrus fruit mandarin which is the top note, patchouli herb, amber wood and ginger which provide middle notes and musk which gives the base note.

CK Be- A deep and strong lavender based perfume. It is packaged in a black glass bottle with a golden stopper.

Obsession- A highly popular scent launched in 1985, it has a unique, irresistible fragrance with notes of mandarin and peach fruits, flowers like jasmine and rose, middle note of bergamot and base note of oak moss.

Secret Obsession- A perfume meant for unisex usage, with notes of amber, cedar and sandalwood.

Eternity- A Calvin Klein Perfume which is specially prepared so that it brings a feeling of joy, love and sensuousness to the wearer. It is a light and fruity in fragrance. Top notes are sandalwood, lilies, wildflowers and apricot, middle notes of sage and lily and base note of freesia grass and musk.

Eternity Moment- In stores since 2004, it is a light, feminine fragrance.

Euphoria- This perfume was launched in the year 2005. The Euphoria range is meant especially for use by women. The fragrance contains extracts of lotus blossoms, liquid amber, black violets, wood of the Mahogany tree, and champak flowers. The bottle is really attractive, shaped like an eye and colored bright lavender.

Euphoria Blossom- Launched in 2006, it is a flowery fragrance.

Contradiction- A distinctive Calvin Klein Perfume, among the oldest of the lot, yet appreciated by everyone. It has a superb clash of strong and soft scents, provided by lavender, pepper, cedar and rose, lilies and jasmine respectively.

Crave- This range of perfume was launched in 2002. It comprises unisex floral fragrances. ‘Crave’ means to want or need something badly. It is a well chosen name for the fragrance, which implies that the wearer will arouse intensely desirous feelings in those he/she meets. It is packaged in a translucent white bottle with a bright red cover and atomizer.

CK in 2U Her- It is among the few fragrances meant specifically for women. It has a warmth and richness to it which is highly appealing.

CK in 2U Him- A scent meant for males, with a strong smell of fresh lemon gin.

CK Summer- A light, fun filled Calvin Klein Perfume made of citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit and mandarin.