Calvin Klein and Bvlgari

Calvin Klein and Bvlgari are two name brands that carry more than just perfume. At Nordstroms, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue, you will find these name brands, including the perfumes that they make. Calvin Klein has a clothing line in addition to their numerous selection of perfumes. And Bvlgari also makes jewelry and bath products while they also have a line of many perfumes. Consumers seem to be after these two name brands, in addition to many others. As it is well known that name brands usually are much better in quality than non-name brands.

When I go into Marshalls, one of the absolute best stores in the world, I head straight for the sale racks to see if they have any name brands I like. Sometimes I will find a Calvin Klein sweater that used to be eighty dollars and now is marked all the way down to eighteen dollars. That is a good buy. Or if there is a Calvin Klein perfume on sale, that used to be marked as ninety dollars and is now twenty, I will take that as well. Thank goodness for Marshalls! I always make sure to go for the name brands because they are known to produce nice products whereas a brand without a name is really just taking a random chance.

Some nice fragrances that CK makes are “One” and “Eternity”. They also carry eyewear, jewelery, furniture, underwear, and jeans. The designer is famous for a minimalist, conservative approach. They have very basic colors and shapes. The clothing line has a lot of blacks, white, grays, browns, and many neutral colors. I have never seen a Calvin Klein product that I did not like. I recenty bought a Calvin Klein sleeveless white pleated knee-length dress with a scoop neck and a sleeveless brown knee-length dress with v-neck that were drastically reduced. It’s great that these name brands can go on sale!

Bvlgari also has a nice line of products. You may find that they carry more than just perfume. They also have some nice lotions, soaps, shower gels, shampoos, jewelery, and purses. I think Bvlgari is a higher end brand than Calvin Klein. CK is more of an everyday, casual look whereas Bvlgari is a bit fancier. Both still carry good quality products. Personally though, my pocketbook has yet to make it into the arena of Bvlgari. Although of course, I keep my eye on the products just in case I ever get a little bit more fortunate monetarily.

Some Bvlgari perfumes that you may have heard about are “Jasmin Noir” and “Omnia Amethyste”. This name brand carries its perfume in fancy glass bottles, sometimes with a unique lid, which is pretty cool. I’m sure there exist knock-offs of CK and Bvlgari but the original brands are ultimately always the best. Trust me, you can try your very best to avoid these name brands and take cheaper chances elsewhere, but you may be doing yourself a big dis-service in the long run!