Calvin Klein

The very foundation was founded by a very famous fashion designer Calvin Richard Klein. Calvin and Barry Schwartz, his very close friend and business manager established the company Calvin Klein in the year 1968 as a coat shop then, at York Hotel which is situated in New York.

He was awarded the Coty Award for three succeeding years. Its extensive retail sales were soaring upwards and were reaching over $600 million each year. The Calvin Klein clothes were selling at over 10,000 stores all over.

In spite of the great success in the beginning he did face a down fall and economic crisis during the year 1992. But it regained due to its newly launched line of underwear and perfumes. These perfumes were a life saver to this company; it is due to this perfume launch that cK regained its stature! Later after a few years Calvin Klein, Inc. was sold to the Corp Philips Van Heusen, though he remained on the advisory board as the creative head and later slowly and steadily withdrew from the company.

cK is known as one of the very important personalities in time. He has helped in molding the clothing industry and has also played a very significant part in the modern marketing. Later on he launched a very successful line of nine cK perfumes. The launch of the cK unisex perfume was very successful mainly because of the help of the very beautiful and glamorous model, Kate Moss!

They had a wide array of perfumes for both men and women. Later on they even launched their unisex perfumes that were accepted whole heartedly by all their patrons. In fact their unisex perfume “Eternity” was one of the top-selling perfumes among the cK perfume collection.

And cK does realize that when promoting to both of the sexes, it’s very important that the fragrance is top-notch; and it should have a fresh tinge, not very feminine nor very masculine, but a nice classic scent– and indeed fresh fragrance would work best.

These perfumes are very contemporary and can be worn at any occasion. Calvin Klein is known for always offering the best; and every time it launches a new fragrance it justifies this statement time and time again. Calvin Klein being such a well-known and appreciated brand it is not very difficult to find the perfect cK perfume you need. Though there are a few these type of perfumes that have to be ordered way in advance and there are few perfumes and colognes that are found online at discounted rates.

Calvin Klein perfume is one of the foremost names in the fashion industry. He was born in 1942 and he learnt to sew and outline at a very young age. His successful journey started at New York’s high school of art and design, then continued it at the fashion institute and finally graced it by launching his very own label. It started as a denim brand then later they ventured into underwear, perfumes and many other accessories.