Calvin Klein Perfume Is a Style Statement!

Forgetting personal hygiene can have drastic consequences as it is presentation that runs the show today But still it is sad to see that many people forget that problems like body odor are pretty easy to handle having simple solutions like using a deodorant or a perfume like Calvin Klein. The brand which originated decades back has got an extensive range of perfumes which are truly fantastic and refreshing to be worn! They truly change the overall appearance and presentation of people in a matter of seconds! Here are the top two offerings in the range of perfumes made by Calvin Klein.

CK Be (Unisex Fragrance):

Introduced in the year 1996, the perfume is perfect during the day at work or otherwise. The fragrance is basically a blend of flowery aromas laced with musk which makes it very enticing. The allure of freshness that it brings along has to be experienced to be truly felt. Both men and women can wear this perfume.

CK One Summer Edition (Unisex Fragrance):

You must have already got an idea that this perfume is meant to give you a fresh summery feel that is both refreshing as well as energizing. Anyone who has tried Calvin Klein One will tell you that it reminds one of a fresh summery feel of trees flowers and fresh fruits and water. This perfume is a especially blended to impart a citrusy and woody feel to the wearer. Also, the elements used on CK One are water fem, lemon and tangerine to make the fragrance even more radiant and light. Moreover, the bottle of this perfume is really fresh and it reflects the freshness quotient of the perfume. This perfume is usually sold as a limited edition so you better buy it the moment you spot it at any mall, fashion store or company outlet; lest you miss out on it!

Apart from the above two fragrances which are the most popular, Calvin Klein has a number of other offerings in the fragrance range and each one is more enchanting than the other! CK is one brand that is known to make something for each of its buyers and has many unique perfume offerings that are worn by celebrities and the masses alike! This is in fact Calvin Klein’s unique proposition which has enabled it to make a niche for itself over the years. Hence it comes as no surprise that each person using a Calvin Klein perfume has a truly beautiful and memorable story to tell!