Eternity Aqua Cologne by Calvin Klein for the Casual and Everyday

Calvin Klein rocks the male perfume fragrance world once again with this casual, everyday scent Eternity Aqua Cologne. If you are a traditionalist and have been a fan of Klein’s 20 year old original Eternity scent for years, take a step out of that aromatic comfort zone and give this new blend a try.

The hunky model Ben Hill is the face for Eternity Aqua Cologne for Men and is probably a draw for those women who buy for the men in their lives. Calvin Klein teamed up with beauty product powerhouse Coty to create this distinctive scent. Just looking at the light blue bottle of this fragrance brings forth sea breezes and mild summery days.

A New Face for Eternity

This entry to Calvin Klein’s perfume empire presents an everlasting, romantic and singular fragrance that is great for everyday wear. It is not heavy and balmy but rather bracing and refreshing with a clean scent that only an aquatic representation of the sea can provide.

Eternity Aqua Cologne for Men is by turns masculine and modern with a casual, stimulating bite in the background. This marine fragrance simply pops into the forefront, but not in an offensive, “in your face” kind of way. Rather, the fragrance captures your attention from the get-go and then lingers on pleasingly in memory.

Scentsational Components

The first impression of any men’s cologne should snag your attention quickly. The top notes of cool cucumber, snappy citrus, water lotus and fresh greenery set the tone for this lively scent. At the heart is a marriage of traditional lavender, woodsy white cedar, fruity Mirabelle plum and spicy Szechuan pepper for a little kick to the senses. The base notes wrap things up with masculine musk, warm sandalwood, piquant patchouli and South American guaiac wood which offer an aromatic hint of smoky rose.

Eternity Aqua Cologne for Men remains close to the skin which makes it a great relaxed, everyday scent. It’s perfect for the office or casual fun in the sun. If you want a fragrance to wear for the nightclub, date night scene, one of Calvin Klein’s other Eternity offerings might be better suited.

If you are hesitant to step out of your cologne comfort zone, consider purchasing this Calvin Klein male perfume online where you can find it at a much more affordable price than upscale department stores. After wearing it a few times, you (and the ladies) will be hooked.