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Calvin Klein Cologne

1. The Fragrance

Calvin Klein cologne has a wide array of men’s cologne products that is perfect for every type of style and personality. There are scents that are modern and unique, romantic and sexy, refreshing and clean, as well as powerful and strong.

2. The Designer’s Venture Into The Perfume Business

Calvin Klein is one of the popular fashion brands that offer men’s cologne products. The name that is synonymous with excellence holds tight to its founder’s vision of constantly bringing in youthfulness and boldness into their designs. When Klein ventured into the perfume business in the 80’s, it amazed the world with the fantastic scent of each product which displays the company’s continuous drive for excellence.

This Designer is the pioneer in creating a unisex perfume. CK One was Klein’s contribution to closing the gap between men and women in modern America. Currently there are about twenty products in its perfume line, eleven of which are for men and four are unisex. Calvin Cologne was released in 1981,

Eternity in 1985, Obsession in 1986, Escape in 1993, Contradiction in 1998, Truth in 2002, Crave in 2003, Obsession Night in 2005, Eternity Summer in 2006, 2007, and 2008, Calvin Klein Man in 2007, Euphoria Intense Men in 2008, and CK in 2u in 2009.

3. Top-selling Items

The three products that are selling well in the Designer’s long list of men’s cologne collection are Calvin Klein Man, Euphoria and CK in 2u. Calvin Klein Man has a spicy scent that is not overpowering at all. It has top notes of rosemary, citrus mandarin, bergamot, and violet leaves, heart notes of nutmeg, mint, and bay, and end notes of cypress, sandalwood and amber. Its cooling freshness can surely make a man irresistible.

Calvin Klein Euphoria is an amazing scent that is a great combination of pepper, patchouli, suede, and Brazilian redwood. It definitely gives people around you a sense of euphoria. The CK in 2u is a refreshing scent that leaves you feeling clean and relaxed. It has a blend of citrus fruits like lime and pomelo, and the intoxicating smell of white musk.

4. Dare to Be Free

CK Free for Men is a cologne that tells men to dare to be free. CK offers men an escape from the daily grind of spending hours just trying to look and smell good. With just a spray of CK Free, men will surely be ready to face the world.

5. Women Love Calvin Klein Cologne

The smell of Calvin Klein cologne just drives women crazy. The distinct fragrance found in every bottle makes men totally irresistible. With just very little effort, you will find women clamoring for your attention.

Calvin Klein and Bvlgari

Calvin Klein and Bvlgari are two name brands that carry more than just perfume. At Nordstroms, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue, you will find these name brands, including the perfumes that they make. Calvin Klein has a clothing line in addition to their numerous selection of perfumes. And Bvlgari also makes jewelry and bath products while they also have a line of many perfumes. Consumers seem to be after these two name brands, in addition to many others. As it is well known that name brands usually are much better in quality than non-name brands.

When I go into Marshalls, one of the absolute best stores in the world, I head straight for the sale racks to see if they have any name brands I like. Sometimes I will find a Calvin Klein sweater that used to be eighty dollars and now is marked all the way down to eighteen dollars. That is a good buy. Or if there is a Calvin Klein perfume on sale, that used to be marked as ninety dollars and is now twenty, I will take that as well. Thank goodness for Marshalls! I always make sure to go for the name brands because they are known to produce nice products whereas a brand without a name is really just taking a random chance.

Some nice fragrances that CK makes are “One” and “Eternity”. They also carry eyewear, jewelery, furniture, underwear, and jeans. The designer is famous for a minimalist, conservative approach. They have very basic colors and shapes. The clothing line has a lot of blacks, white, grays, browns, and many neutral colors. I have never seen a Calvin Klein product that I did not like. I recenty bought a Calvin Klein sleeveless white pleated knee-length dress with a scoop neck and a sleeveless brown knee-length dress with v-neck that were drastically reduced. It’s great that these name brands can go on sale!

Bvlgari also has a nice line of products. You may find that they carry more than just perfume. They also have some nice lotions, soaps, shower gels, shampoos, jewelery, and purses. I think Bvlgari is a higher end brand than Calvin Klein. CK is more of an everyday, casual look whereas Bvlgari is a bit fancier. Both still carry good quality products. Personally though, my pocketbook has yet to make it into the arena of Bvlgari. Although of course, I keep my eye on the products just in case I ever get a little bit more fortunate monetarily.

Some Bvlgari perfumes that you may have heard about are “Jasmin Noir” and “Omnia Amethyste”. This name brand carries its perfume in fancy glass bottles, sometimes with a unique lid, which is pretty cool. I’m sure there exist knock-offs of CK and Bvlgari but the original brands are ultimately always the best. Trust me, you can try your very best to avoid these name brands and take cheaper chances elsewhere, but you may be doing yourself a big dis-service in the long run!

All About Calvin Klein Perfumes

CK One- unisex fragrances, the first of its kind in the world, popular till date. It contains extracts of citrus fruit mandarin which is the top note, patchouli herb, amber wood and ginger which provide middle notes and musk which gives the base note.

CK Be- A deep and strong lavender based perfume. It is packaged in a black glass bottle with a golden stopper.

Obsession- A highly popular scent launched in 1985, it has a unique, irresistible fragrance with notes of mandarin and peach fruits, flowers like jasmine and rose, middle note of bergamot and base note of oak moss.

Secret Obsession- A perfume meant for unisex usage, with notes of amber, cedar and sandalwood.

Eternity- A Calvin Klein Perfume which is specially prepared so that it brings a feeling of joy, love and sensuousness to the wearer. It is a light and fruity in fragrance. Top notes are sandalwood, lilies, wildflowers and apricot, middle notes of sage and lily and base note of freesia grass and musk.

Eternity Moment- In stores since 2004, it is a light, feminine fragrance.

Euphoria- This perfume was launched in the year 2005. The Euphoria range is meant especially for use by women. The fragrance contains extracts of lotus blossoms, liquid amber, black violets, wood of the Mahogany tree, and champak flowers. The bottle is really attractive, shaped like an eye and colored bright lavender.

Euphoria Blossom- Launched in 2006, it is a flowery fragrance.

Contradiction- A distinctive Calvin Klein Perfume, among the oldest of the lot, yet appreciated by everyone. It has a superb clash of strong and soft scents, provided by lavender, pepper, cedar and rose, lilies and jasmine respectively.

Crave- This range of perfume was launched in 2002. It comprises unisex floral fragrances. ‘Crave’ means to want or need something badly. It is a well chosen name for the fragrance, which implies that the wearer will arouse intensely desirous feelings in those he/she meets. It is packaged in a translucent white bottle with a bright red cover and atomizer.

CK in 2U Her- It is among the few fragrances meant specifically for women. It has a warmth and richness to it which is highly appealing.

CK in 2U Him- A scent meant for males, with a strong smell of fresh lemon gin.

CK Summer- A light, fun filled Calvin Klein Perfume made of citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit and mandarin.

Calvin Klein Perfume and Bvlgari Perfume

Two of the most famous names in cosmetics today are Bulgari, most commonly spelled Bvlgari. and Calvin Klein, easily identified by the CK logo. They are very unique in the way that they target two completely separate consumers. Calvin Klein appeals to the young professional, while Bulgari’s image appeals mostly to the European middle aged connoisseur.

Calvin Klein, is a designer of all-around fashions. His label can be found on everything, from a pair of jeans, to evening wear, and fashion jewelry. He also has several lines of fragrances. Bulgari, on the other hand sells mostly accessories such as watches, sunglasses, and fragrances.

Born in 1942, Calvin Klein was extremely talented and as a young boy, taught himself how to sketch and sew. Years later he continued studying at New York’s High School of Art and Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology. In 1968 he started his own brand that would change the face of American fashion as we know it, for years to come. His name would become so famous, that for years his jeans were known as ‘Calvins’ (

Calvin Klein likes to display the image of himself in his products. Klein was a pioneer as he entered the twenty-first century as a top fashion designer. More than thirty years after launching his line, he was “still appealing to his clean-minded, career-oriented customers.” (Brittanica Concise Encyclopedia via

Satirio Bulgari was born during the 19th century into a family of Greek silversmiths. In the late 1800’s he moved to Italy, and opened his first shop in Via Sistina, Rome in 1884. In 1905, Bulgari and his sons opened another shop in Via Condotti. This is now Bulgari’s flagship store. In the 1950’s Bulgari began to spread across the fashion world, and in the 1970’s they began opening stores internationally, in New York, Paris. Monte Carlo, and Geneva (

Calvin Klein began marketing perfumes and colognes in the 1970’s but it did not work out well for the company. It was in 1981 that Calvin Klein began successfully selling fragrances. They now have many product lines, totalling 21 fragrances for women, and 18 for men. These include Calvin, CK Be, CK One, CK In 2U, Contradiction, Escape, Eternity, Obsession, Euphoria, and Truth. ( Eternity was first introduced in 2004, and has become one of Klein’s most favorable perfumes for women. ‘Calvin’ is their leading cologne available for men. Calvin Klein perfumes and colognes can be found at the cosmetics counters of all your local department stores.

Bulgari began marketing their perfumes and colognes in 1992, and currently have eleven lines of fragrance for sale. These are Aqua, Omnia, The Classics, Petits et Mamans, Eau Perfumee, Black, and Jasmine Noir ( Rose Essentielles is Bulgari’s most popular perfume for women. It belongs to their ‘The Classics’ line. Bulgari fragrances are usually found in higher end department shops and boutiques.

While Calvin Klein and Bulgari may not necessarily be the markets’ leaders as far as perfumes and colognes, they definitely sell extremely favorable, and are very reasonably priced. A nice perfume is a great gift. Calvin Klein and Bulgari can be your perfect choice.

Which Perfume Should You Wear To Your Prom?

A girl’s prom can be one of the biggest events of her life, and one that takes a lot of preparation. Every girl works really hard to find the perfect dress and have her hair and make up done perfectly. But the fragrance you choose to wear on your prom night should also be chosen wisely. You want to choose a perfume that not only keeps you smelling great all night, but also gives off the impression you’re going for.

When choosing a perfume to wear to your prom, there are definite hits and misses. Something that is too strong and overpowering is not a good choice for a prom perfume. Citrus and fruity scents are best left for the beach or a day you’re shopping with your girlfriends. Those types of perfumes can be great on a summer day, but not for your prom. Something like Clinique Happy is a perfect example of a perfume that should NOT be worn to your prom. It’s not a bad fragrance but way too fruity to be worn with an elegant dress.

You want to choose something that is clean, sophisticated, feminine and romantic. Something in the Floral or Oriental category would work best. You can also match the perfume you choose based on your dress. If you’re wearing something soft and feminine, go for something in the Floral family. If you look is going to be more sultry and glamorous, an Oriental perfume would go well. Or you can even reverse it, since a Floral perfume with a very sexy dress may be a good compliment, making both perfume and dress not too loud, and vice versa.

If you still prefer fruity fragrances, try something like Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein. It is a mixture of fruity and floral, making it more sophisticated and romantic then a fragrance that is all fruity. Another interpretation of this fragrance is Euphoria which is Oriental and a little more provocative.

Perfumes in the Oceanic category may also be good prom choices, but not all of them, since some of them tend to overdone and smell a little on the cheap side. Choose wisely when picking an Oceanic perfume. Try something like Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden, or Ocean Lounge by Escada. Both of these are good fragrances, but still probably not a better choice for a prom perfume than a Floral or Oriental perfume. They are not exactly soft and feminine.

You should probably stay away from fragrances in the Woody or Green families. These are great when taking a hike or going to a family picnic, but not for your prom. A lot of these perfumes also tend to be unisex, and I don’t think that’s the image you’re going for at your prom.